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About the Leucan Mighty Challenge

We are inviting you to put your strength to the test by taking part in the Leucan Mighty Challenge. It will take place on September 16, 2018 at Pascan Aviation in Saint-Hubert.


In the spirit of a healthy competition, each team will have to walk on a defined distance while pulling three different weights one after the other as fast as possible. To make sure everyone has a chance, teams can enter the friendly or the competitive challenge. A final lap will be organized by category and medals will be distributed to the three winning teams.


Regular competition

Max of 10 participants per team.

The team must walk a predetermined distance while pulling different weights.

The break times between each test won’t be calculated.

Extreme competition

Max of 5 participants per team.

The team must walk a predetermined distance, while pulling different weights, one after the other. The moving time between each step will be calculated.


Visit the Regulations and Prices page for more details.


To participate at the event, each team must raise a minimum of $1.000 in donations to demonstrate their solidarity and support cancer-stricken children and their families.

Regulations and Prices

The tests 2018

  • Fire truck

    43 000 lbs

    Fire department of Longueuil agglomeration

  • Charger

    34 717 lbs


  • Residual materials truck

    38 000 lbs


  • Cement mixer

    33 069 lbs

    Groupe CRH Canada inc

  • Tractor trailer

    36 000 lbs

    Transport Bourassa

  • Truck crane

    52 690 lbs

    Toitures Omer Brault

  • Tractor trailer

    39 683 lbs

    Dupont et Kingsway Transport



13 July 2016

The first heavyweight of the competition is finally unveiled!

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24 May 2016

Official launch!

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